The Amazing Adventures of Spear and Shadow

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This book gives an account of the adventures faced by two young wolves, Spear and Shadow. This is an incredible story on how they meet and become good friends. It focuses on the spirit of compassion of Shadow for her sister Cora. Additionally, it also explains how other wolves join the team and work together.

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  • It is always great to see the work of an aspiring young author! Lugthea is a talented and imaginative girl. I hope you will read her book and then send her an encouraging message as she begins her journey as a first-time author. All the best, Lugthea!

    • Dr. Barbra Stewart

Lugthea D. Pelissier is a talented girl who has a great passion for reading, writing, and drawing. She likes to spend her time in her room, and always has books, paper, and pencils by her side. Her dream is to become a well-known non-fiction and fiction author.

Lugthea D. Pelissier

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